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Harrachov is a very popular tourist place and aims to satisfy all requirements and needs of its visitors and do so better than 100 per cent. That is why Harrachov prides itself in being able to provide the domestic as well as foreign visitors with almost all necessary services and conveniences.

Ski areas – skiing and snowboarding

In a distance of about 400 m from the guesthouse, you will find the chair-lift station that leads to one of the best mountains in the Czech Republic (Čertova hora – the Devil’s Mountain). The downhill courses on its hills can fully satisfy a beginner as well as the most enthusiastic skier. Harrachov itself offers you innumerable downhill courses together with cross-country tracks. It is a given that there is wide demand here for ski rental shops and they offer a wide variety of choice in the latest as far as winter sports equipment is concerned. The beginners have the opportunity to choose from among a lot of professional schools offering skiing lessons and lessons in snowboarding.

The majority of downhill courses in Harrachov already has the nowadays so widespread artificial snow that ensures perfect conditions during the entire winter season and, thankfully to which, the skiing season can be prolonged by several weeks. The international sports associations are aware of these facts as well and, without any hesitation, they themselves organize a large number of sporting activities in Harrachov. Such as, for example, the world championship in ski flight or the championship in downhill skiing.

Entertainment in Harrachov and around

In the vicinity of Harachov, you shall find one of the largest indoor swimming pools in the country. It is called BABYLON and its use is rather agreeable all year round and, thus, it is becoming one of the attractions in the area that are most sought after. BABYLON is visited in the course of the year by a large number of domestic as well as foreign tourists. For their enjoyment, a number of atypical pools are at a ready together with whirlpools, a sauna, steam, a bar and a team of personal masseurs.

In the neighbouring town, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, you will find a sports hall that is well equipped for the enjoyment of a variety of ball games and other sports.

In the tourist area of Harrachov there are several establishments that offer a number of games such as billiards, pool, table soccer, bowling, darts, etc..

Summer holidays in Harrachov


If you are planning to visit Harrachov for the first time because of its tourism, you shall be pleased to know that the city itself is trying to attract visitors for the same reason in the course of the entire year and we must admit that all involved are very successful in doing so. The Czech Board of Tourism has prepared for you innumerable hiking trails that shall satisfy even the most enthusiastic tourists as well as the so-called „holidaymakers“. All trails in the area are visibly and intelligibly marked, thus, the Board has made it easy to for you to follow these trails. They are maintained throughout the year and they are becoming rather sought after. In this area as well, there are tourist guides at your disposal who shall prepare for you „made-to-measure excursions“ accompanied with explanations. From the pension itself you can get to places such as Mumlavské vodopády (a waterfall), Kamenec, Janova skála, Zlatá vyhlídka (the Golden Lookout), Čertova pláň (the Devil’s Plain), Lysá hora. While exploring the local trails, you can also take advantage of a chair-lift that is operated all year round and takes the tourists to the top of Čertova hora (the Devil’s Mountain).


To those who root for the new and more and more popular touring on bicycles, Harrachov offers as many opportunities to them as it does to the hikers. Even in this area, you can take advantage of the chair-lifts that allow for the transportation of bicycles as well. We are referring to the funiculars in Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Špindlerův Mlýn, Mísečky and Pec pod Sněžkou. Thanks to them, you will be able to get to the ridges of the local mountains and hills where several cycle paths await you.


A mere 200 meters from the guesthouse there are four clay courts that shall most likely please even the best of tennis players. However, in this case, we recommend that a reservation be made well ahead in advance as the courts enjoy great interest.


The local golf course is situated in a rather atypically mountainous countryside, considering the nature of the sport. Hence its originality. It is a nine-hole course and three kilometers long. Here, the player proceeds through a 40-meter camber that, undoubtedly, serves as a delicacy to each fan of this sport. The beginners may wish to make use of the services of a personal, professionally qualified, training instructor who is prepared to start the lessons from the very beginning.


In addition to the already mentioned indoor swimming pool located in the guesthouse, the distance of about 200 meters from it there is an artificially created pool together with chutes and a beach where you can spend the warm days in a pleasant way.


If you wish to relax, we offer you the use of our swimming pool. However, if you prefer a good massage, here in Harrachov, there is a relaxation center that offers massages, a sauna, a whirlpool, steam, etc.

Restaurants, bars and shops in Harrachov

The local restaurants, in addition to traditional Czech cuisine, also offer meals representing the Italian, Asian and other kitchens. To the center of Harrachov, that is over five kilometers long, the distance from us is only mere 300 meters and, then, all you have to do is choose the restaurant of your liking.

Harachov is up-to-date even in this sense. Thanks to the large number of bars and discos, even those who truly love „night life“ shall have the opportunity to „let their hair down“. Of course that you can use TAXI service in Harrachov.

The largest number of shopping outlets and small shops, where you find almost everything your heart desires, is located along the main street that leads through the center of Harrachov. There are several grocery stores here, some shops selling sporting goods, clothing, shoes, souvenirs, porcelain made in Harrachov itself, tobacco stands, a bank and exchange outlets, etc.

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